I have been seeing reports of rigged voting machines and concerns about rigged machines all day. And what is most interesting is how much it varies from one place to the next. I’ve seen videos of people showing their votes would swap to the other candidate, and people screaming that it’s fake because you can’t take pictures of your ballot. And depending on where it happened, they might be right.

That’s the problem with our system. We have got to have some fundamental fixes to our broken system. One person is voting with a paper ballot. In the next state, or maybe even county, they’re doing it with a machine from Company X. Across the river, it’s Company Y’s machine.

And who can and can’t vote differs from state to state. Did you know in some state’s convicted felons who have served their time still can’t vote ever again? You know, unless they move to another state.

That’s insane!  And it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Don’t even get me started on the truly disproportional amount of money spent on our elections. Or that most of our politicians are now in a never-ending campaign for their next term.

We can do better!